Mobile version, icons and graphics for the Battle of the Roosters 2014

Batalla de los gallos
Batalla de los gallos
Batalla de los gallos

Austrian Red Bull is the highest selling energy drink in the world. Recognized for organizing and sponsoring extreme sports, with a marketing focused on targeting young men.

In partnership with Nurun Digital Agency, we worked on the developed of specific sections of the desktop website and the full implementation of the mobile version for the Battle of the Roosters 2014 event.

We focused our resources in minimizing the contents and sections to ensure improved user experience on mobile devices and together with Nurun, we worked on the design and code optimization.

Finally, we developed the set of icons consisting of 27 units in SGV, for all prizes, medals, milestones and features the user can accrue during the different tests and battles.

RedBull, Batalla de los Gallos

With clear objectives a great result was achieved, a strong mobile version, that completes the experience.


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